Memory Lane Project at Canwick House in Collaboration with The University of Lincoln

In collaboration with The University of Lincoln, the Memory Lane Project at Canwick House consisted of students from the university volunteering to pair up with our residents in order to provide reminiscence activities and create sensory boards.

The project began in January of this year and wrapped up in May. Students from sports and exercise science, health and social care, social work, nursing and psychology courses volunteered for this project, which was overseen by Rachael Mason and Rachael Hunt, both from The University of Lincoln.

Students from The University of Lincoln working with Canwick House residents on the Memory Lane Project

The students devised activities and developed the ‘life stories’ of our residents, culminating in a ‘sensory board’ depicting our residents’ unique and individual histories. Participation in this project was voluntary on both ends, and the helpful staff at Canwick House helped to guide both students and residents in their communal collaboration.

This project was not only successful in the development of sensory boards for our participating residents, but wonderful relationships were developed between the students, the staff and our lovely residents. Additionally, reminiscence work has shown to enhance elderly care, particularly those suffering with dementia. In order to enhance this experience, each participating student was given the opportunity to enrich and customise their reminiscence projects according to participating residents’ preferences and levels of comfort in sharing information about their lives.

Many new friendships were formed during the creation of the Memory Lane Project at Canwick House

Participating residents were allowed to keep their reminiscence projects as a way to allow future employees of Canwick House to have a unique insight into their lives, thereby providing a base for building strong and fruitful relationships.

The project culminated with a special event at Canwick House which celebrated the completion of the sensory boards and at which participating students, residents, staff, and organisers were all present and were able to enjoy the finished sensory boards produced by the hard work of students and residents.

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Love at first sight

love at first sight

“It was love at first sight,” this is how Mary describes meeting her husband as she danced away on a Saturday night in her home country of Ireland.

From her tastefully personalised room with all her home comforts at Canwick House, Mary reminisces on her long and happy marriage, which included traveling all around the world, as her husband was a member of the RAF.

Mary cherishes her memories of raising her three kids, a daughter and two sons. Throughout his time in the RAF, Mary’s husband was stationed in Cyprus and she has fond memories of living on the island with her young children. Her children and grandchildren still visit Cyprus often and reminisce with Mary about their time there.

Mary also remembers her brother fondly whom she says used to always surprise her with visits no matter where she was with her family.


The brave soldier

As Henry celebrates 91 powerful years of life, he receives a birthday card from his family in Germany.

Henry has called both England and Germany home, and now spends his time at Canwick House. A surviving prisoner of war, Henry fell in love with a British woman and had a long and fruitful life as an engine driver.

Trains continue to fascinate him to this day and he enjoys reading about them in his native German tongue. He enjoys receiving visitors, especially when they come along with chocolate treats.


Nurtured by time, blossoming over a span of seven decades.

timeless love

Nora A. and her husband have just celebrated 73 very special years of marriage together.

Their love for one another seems has been nurtured by time and grown over a span of more than seven decades.

Their dedication for one another is apparent when her husband comes to visit Nora at Canwick House, the premier care home in Lincolnshire. During their visits, they sit together like they’ve done for so many years and reminisce on the wonderful times they’ve shared together. Nora’s son brings along Amy, the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet and she engages everyone’s attention.

It’s so wonderful to be able to witness a timeless love like Nora and her husband’s at Canwick House and we look forward to watching it continue to grow.

The happy dancer


There’s a twinkle in Vivienne’s eyes every time she talks about her time as a dancer, “There were three of us. Two girlfriends and I and we used to dress alike and go sing and dance for the soldiers in their barracks.”

During her time as a dancer, Vivienne met her husband who was a British soldier. Together they had a long and happy marriage from which they had three children who now have given her many beautiful grandchildren.

Vivienne still stays in touch with her friends, including a fellow dancer who married an American soldier and now lives in America. She enjoys keeping receiving cards from her friends and reading.

Vivienne enjoys the privacy that Canwick House provides and likes spending time in her beautiful room with high ceilings and airy south-facing windows, overlooking the garden.