Accessible Bathrooms

accessible bathrooms

All rooms at Canwick House have adjoining, accessible toilets and bathrooms for the convenience of our clients.

Our attentive staff is always available to assist clients in their personal care in order to ensure both their comfort and their safety.

Toilets and bathrooms are equipped with emergency chords to ensure that help is always nearby if and when needed.

The Sunroom

The Sunroom

Adjoining the lounge is a lovely sunroom where clients can play the piano, enjoy mid-morning and afternoon tea, play games and enjoy visits from family and friends.

The beautiful bay windows in our sunroom allow for plenty of natural light and sunshine during the summer.

Just outside is our beautiful garden, the perfect view for private visits from family and friends.

The Garden

the garden canwick house

Our beautiful garden is a favourite of both clients and staff. During the warmer months, clients are encouraged to take in the sunlight and enjoy our beautiful green space.

During the summer, barbecues are hosted in our garden for our clients to enjoy.

Family and friends are always welcome to enjoy a visit with their loved ones in our garden.

The Lounge

canwick house lounge

The lounge at Canwick House is ideal for daily interaction between residents as well as visits from family and friends.

With plenty of books, newspapers and a communal tv, clients can lounge and enjoy the day in the bright and lively room together.

Big comfy chairs are available and staff is always nearby. Tea and biscuits are catered into the lounge by the attentive staff twice a day during mid-morning and mid-afternoon.